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These are some reviews Max Travel and Orbis Travel have received for our group travel services:


Max Travel & Orbis Travel recently organised a school trip for 48 A-Level students to Iceland. Here is a review: 

Earth Sciences Visit Iceland April 2014

A level geography, environmental science and geology students returned from Iceland brimming with enthusiasm for geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers…and whales. Students visited the famous mid-Atlantic ridge and the more notorious Eyjafiallajokull volcano, which erupted in 2010 and caused air-traffic disruption on an unprecedented scale.

This year staff and students took a boat trip to the more recently-formed volcanic island of Heimaey where students saw the astonishing sight of lava flows covering houses. En route they saw whales in the harbour, an unexpected and truly fantastic experience. The erupting Strokkur geyser was another favourite as was the gigantic Gullfoss waterfall and gorge. As ever, a highlight of the trip was bathing in the blue lagoon, a mineral-rich, geothermal pool.

The coastal features at the remote fishing town of Vik also proved very popular; students were struck with the black beach, composed of tiny basalt pebbles, as well as the hexagonal columns like those of the famous Giants’ Causeway.

To quote students and their parents: ‘A great trip’, ‘Everyone loved it’, ‘The sights were incredible’, ‘Once in a lifetime’, ‘had a wonderful time’ ‘Amazing to see things you definitely can’t see in <****>’

Report on Portugal Rugby Tour April 2013 organised by Max Travel.

Dear Edward,

On behalf of Ironsides Rugby U14's and Ironsides Rugby overall - I would like to formally thank you and your team for a fantastic effort in helping to ensure our tour was a huge success.

We started the 'journey' in July last year - with initial inquires regarding potential costs - 9 months later, it's all done! Thank you for your flexibility, stamina, understanding and patience!

Some challenges along the way, not least of which, our original hotel going bust! Not helpful - but actually I think we landed firmly on our feet here, with the amazing place you found for us to stay!

The boys and parents all realise how lucky they have been!

Cost is always a concern and I know you have worked extremely hard to get us the best deals/best value possible. Hugely appreciated by all as we have an extremely diverse membership, keeping the costs keen allowed some boys to tour that otherwise may not have been able to - This is hugely important to the club, so thank you again.

I have heard nothing but good stuff from the group...which is a result (you can normally expect a couple of grumbles!) So a job very well done!

M. Seymour


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