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These are some reviews Max Travel and Orbis Travel have received for our holiday travel services:


Recent review for a client on an trip to Spain - March 2019:

What can I say? Great food, sangria, lots to see and nice weather!! It was great and I thoroughly enjoyed both cities but I think Seville edges it for me. You must be congratulated on the great choice of both hotels. Perfect locations and close to everything which was a bonus. Thank you for organising a memorable trip. Cannot wait for Jordan now. E.S

Recent review for a client on an trip to India February 2019:

Please forgive me for not having written to you before to send you a thousand thanks for arranging the holiday of a lifetime – Everything was perfect, the hotels the cars the pick-ups and put-downs – EVERYTHING just brilliant – Thank you very very much. It certainly wasn’t an easy task for you arranging for us all to be in the right places at the right times!! I now know that wherever I go in the future, I will be in touch with you first. Thank you so very much indeed for your kindness, your patience and your calm reassuring manner. Hopefully I will be touch again before too long. Yours sincerely, L.H

Recent review for a client on an trip to India February 2019:

Wow! We had the most AMAZING AMAZING time You organised it all perfectly for us and we loved meeting Mr **** in the udiphur office and felt always in very safe hands. All the places we stayed were fabulous, and Mum did some amazing paintings. Everyone looked after us perfectly and please send on our thanks to the exotique travel agent. All the drivers were so lovely. Thank you for organising such a wonderful holiday your sincerely H&E.

Recent review for a client on an trip to Nepal November 2016:

Thank you for your email. The trip was fantastic, the best one I have ever done and one which I wish to repeat again one day with The Mountain Company. Your assistance with the flights was invaluable and when I again go on another trip I will definitely use your services. Having the reassurance of someone making sure you are getting the best flights and sorting it all for you makes such a difference. Many thanks Regards, L.

Recent review for a client on an multi-city visit of London and Edinburgh April 2016:

Mr Edward, Everything was beautifully planned and executed. Thank you for putting together an excellent trip. Definitely will use your office services for our next trip to UK. Best regards.

Recent review for a client on an discovery of the Golden Triangle in India August 2015:

Thank you very much for organising our holiday. From my point of view we have had only positive experiences. It was a great way to visit lndia for the first time and we have agreed that there is so much more to see and there will have to be a few more trips to different parts of lndia.
Our driver was incredibly kind and accommodating, the best guides were in Agra, Jaipur and Jodhpur, the hotels were lovely and the places we have seen amazing.
l am impressed with your professionalism and communication (e.g.: your help with the reference for indian visa and being in touch when off work) and l would like to be contacting you when l plan my next holiday.
Thank you again and take care,

Recent review for a client on a Venice Package June 2015:

Just to let you know we had a fantastic few days in Venice. The hotel was amazing and all the staff were excellent. The room was lovely too and even had a view of the Grand Canal from the outside roofspace, so we were happy with this. We were just across the corridor from the rooftop terrace so spent time out there too. It was ideally situated and we were able to get about very easily from there. Also, it was very straight-forward getting from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, with the info you provided.

So thanks for all your help in getting the holiday arranged, it was a pleasure to do business with Orbis.
Just to let you know we had a fantastic few days in Venice. The hotel was amazing and all the staff were excellent. The room was lovely too and even had a view of the Grand Canal from the outside roofspace, so we were happy with this. We were just across the corridor from the rooftop terrace so spent time out there too. It was ideally situated and we were able to get about very easily from there. Also, it was very straight-forward getting from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, with the info you provided.

So thanks for all your help in getting the holiday arranged, it was a pleasure to do business with Orbis. R.B.


Recent review for a client on a Rome-Venice Package June 2015:

Just got back from Venice.
Super holiday with nice hotels.
Thank you.
What was special was your communications and the maps and instructions you provided. These were invaluable..
I have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to anyone who enquires..M.T

Recent review for a client on a Rome-Venice Package April 2014:

Hi Edward. Just arrived back from our trip to Rome and Venice you sorted for us and I have to say it was 1st class from start to finish. 
Flights were perfect and the REX Hotel in Rome was fab too. Location was 5 mins walk from train station and the staff were so helpful too. The train trip was effortless and it left dead on time and arrived on time too and the sight of the Grand Canal as we walked out of the station was to be held. The Hotel Principe was very elegant sitting right on the Grand Canal. The breakfast in both hotels were at a high standard. I would like to thank you for making our trip so enjoyable and In the future if we decide to take anymore trip abroad we wouldn't hesitate in calling you or passing your details on to friends. Regards P.M.

Recent Review re. Chicago Trip - April 2014

Dear Edward, I want to thank you very much for all your care and attention regarding our trip - we had the best of times ! The <Thompson Chicago> hotel was excellent - very well located, helpful and relaxed personnel, and a great atmosphere. The rooms were just lovely - maybe 3 times the size of the rooms in the New York Thompson hotel where I stayed maybe 4 years ago. The hotel has a hotel car available on a first-come first-served basis which I used a couple of times. We did not eat in the hotel restaurant - out of preference - though it was very popular - fully booked on Saturday night - so maybe that is worth knowing for future guests. Chicago itself we hugely enjoyed - the cityscape, the art museums, the relaxed pace and courtesy of strangers. The transfers worked perfectly and the flights were pain-free - thank you very much ***, best wishes, S.

Max Travel & Orbis Travel recently organised a school trip for 48 A-Level students to Iceland. Here is a review: 

Earth Sciences Visit Iceland April 2014

A level geography, environmental science and geology students returned from Iceland brimming with enthusiasm for geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers…and whales. Students visited the famous mid-Atlantic ridge and the more notorious Eyjafiallajokull volcano, which erupted in 2010 and caused air-traffic disruption on an unprecedented scale.

This year staff and students took a boat trip to the more recently-formed volcanic island of Heimaey where students saw the astonishing sight of lava flows covering houses. En route they saw whales in the harbour, an unexpected and truly fantastic experience. The erupting Strokkur geyser was another favourite as was the gigantic Gullfoss waterfall and gorge. As ever, a highlight of the trip was bathing in the blue lagoon, a mineral-rich, geothermal pool.

The coastal features at the remote fishing town of Vik also proved very popular; students were struck with the black beach, composed of tiny basalt pebbles, as well as the hexagonal columns like those of the famous Giants’ Causeway.

To quote students and their parents: ‘A great trip’, ‘Everyone loved it’, ‘The sights were incredible’, ‘Once in a lifetime’, ‘had a wonderful time’ ‘Amazing to see things you definitely can’t see in <****>’

Report on Portugal Rugby Tour April 2013 organised by Max Travel.

Dear Edward,

On behalf of Ironsides Rugby U14's and Ironsides Rugby overall - I would like to formally thank you and your team for a fantastic effort in helping to ensure our tour was a huge success.

We started the 'journey' in July last year - with initial inquires regarding potential costs - 9 months later, it's all done! Thank you for your flexibility, stamina, understanding and patience!

Some challenges along the way, not least of which, our original hotel going bust! Not helpful - but actually I think we landed firmly on our feet here, with the amazing place you found for us to stay!

The boys and parents all realise how lucky they have been!

Cost is always a concern and I know you have worked extremely hard to get us the best deals/best value possible. Hugely appreciated by all as we have an extremely diverse membership, keeping the costs keen allowed some boys to tour that otherwise may not have been able to - This is hugely important to the club, so thank you again.

I have heard nothing but good stuff from the group...which is a result (you can normally expect a couple of grumbles!) So a job very well done!

M. Seymour

Re: Tour of Jordan March 2010

Well, we are back from Jordan and I'm pleased to say that we had a very good time. We were looked after very well by Ibrahim Smardi, our guide, and Mohammed, our driver. Both were very attentive and made sure that we achieved our full programme. The weather was kind, the traffic..not too bad, and the hotels were good, too. So, no grumbles, only plaudits!
Thank you for the arrangements, which ran very smoothly. We had no anxieties at any time. More people should visit Jordan before it gets overrun (which Petra must be in danger of suffering during peak times). Best wishes. A & H.

Re the Chargalon Apartment in Champagny-en-Vanoise March 2010

"We are back in Montreal, and we want to assure you that we had a lovely time in Champagny-en-Vanoise.
Your apartment is delightful, and we felt more than at home. We envy you to have such a nice apartment in the Alps. Le Chargalon is very well located, solidly built and with a beautiful view. Everything was working well, we were careful with the heating, and nothing was broken or defective when we left. We would gladly return one day, and would recommend your place to our friends. We enjoyed watching some of your DVD's (our North-American ones do not work), and we enjoyed looking at Howard's End. 

The bed are so comfortable, we had difficulty extracting ourselves from the beds in the morning! At lunch, we ate on the mountain, and alternately cooked for ourselves or went to the Alpenrose restaurant. We ended the week at the restaurant in Le Rocher with a fondue! 
The weather was cold (we did not use the balcony at the apartment...) with 20 to 30% white-outs but it did not prevent us from skiing everyday. (Our son) was registered with the ESF in the afternoon, and they were, as usual, friendly and competent. Our preferred runs were on the Glacier where the snow was not as hard and we could do some hors-piste. With his board, our son was always hors-piste.

It was an uneventful skiing holiday, full of fun and relaxation. We come back fully rested with joy in our hearts. Best regards". RJ

Re a Safari Tour in Tanzania, October 2009

This was the best holiday we have ever had! And I must say, I don't know of any 'bad bits'.
Arriving at the airport, the chap who greeted us was very welcoming and even went out of his way to find us a little dictionary which we used all along with great joy and to the great amusement of the locals! Everywhere we went we were very welcomed and treated very nicely.
Our safari guide was very good. He knew quite a lot of things about plants and animals though I can't really compare with other guides. He wasn't very funny but he was very pleasant to be with. Very serious in his job of guiding us and protecting us. Apparently they are quite stressed out at the idea that tourists disobey and move away from the cars a little too far. They have had some tourists gobbled up by lions in the past and there are many deaths of locals every year... We saw so many animals, it is unbelievable. Lions (50 in total!), leopards, cheetahs and all sort of grass eaters. The big 5 and all the littles of all sorts. The dry season is probably the best to see them because there are very few water holes and the animals are all there. There are fewer grass eaters than in the wet season but because there is no grass (it was very very dry!), you could see all the animals very easily.
Camp sites were just fab. Real fun and comfortable enough. We wouldn't bring our ageing parents to them but they suited us perfectly. Last camp site was the best, in the Serengeti. We had buffaloes sniffing at our door all night (a bit scary!!) and lions roaring at about 1 km away with hyenas laughing in the background... It wasn't the most restful of nights... but who wants to rest when you can hear all this!?
There were the Masai everywhere. Just great to chat to them. Fascinating people. They were the camp guards. Escorting us to our tents in the evening to protect us (and to control the kids who decide to run off behind a buffalo to get a closer look!!) and they made sure we stayed in our tents at night. We had whistles at our bed sides to call for help if needed. Funny!
So... in short, just fantastic and very very much recommended.
I wouldn't recommend it to families whose children are under 10. Firstly, they will forget. Secondly the long car rides and the fact that we are forced to stay in the car all the time makes it a bit tedious for a small child. We saw some families with very small kids in the safari. I overheard complaints about the boring lack of activity. My youngest son who is 11 was never ever bored. There was so much for him to look at and his head turned round and round none stop...He lost his voice calling for us to 'look here' or 'look there'... C & E

Re the Southfields Court Rental Property:

"This property is in an excellent location, situated in a quiet street and only 5 minutes walk from the tube station. The property is clean and bright and well furnished. Everything is supplied - from cleaning agents to umbrellas - you do not have to bring a thing. We felt safe and secure in this lovely suburb. The kitchen is well equipped and we cooked evening meals regularly. The owner/agent provided a great service and Jodie was there to meet us on arrival, as arranged, with keys. We also made use of the wireless internet and telephone. I would happily rebook this house for any future visits and would definitely recommend this property to friends and relatives." M & J
"We had a great time (in Egypt). the sights were amazing and our guides were exceptional. in particular Hanny in Cairo and Abdullah while we were on the cruise. the only down side was the train journey. The accommodation was as expected small but with comfy beds and food was good. The motion and noise going left us a bit tired and the return journey was awful the driver kept what appeared to be slamming on the breaks time and again and it was so bad that i didn't even comb hair etc as I'd already been flung across the room and banged my head. The cruise was great. The staff, accommodation and food were first class. We would do it all again but would miss the train!!! ha ha. 
Many thanks for arranging everything for us and overall I would give this holiday an a+. Regards" O & F

Tour to Cairo and a Nile Cruise:

"I wanted to thank you for your help and let you know that we had a marvelous time!  There was not a moment or a single thing we did not love about our stay there.  The apartment was lovely and so nice to come back to after our very busy and long days.  The tours were so fun and informative.  We had a few snags with things, but it was an adventure that we will talk and laugh about for life!  If we ever plan on going back to London, which I want to desperately, I will absolutely give you a call and arrange things with you. Please thank Jodie for me.  I appreciate all the work she did also." N.

Just to let you know that we had a terrific time in Egypt last month. We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent organisation of this trip and your insight about where to go and what to see in one week with two children. Everything went very smoothly: international and domestic flights were always on time, and we felt safe at all times, which was great! The highlight of the trip was Luxor. We absolutely loved the Pavilion Winter Palace. As for our guides: Hany in Cairo was extremely kind and helpful and we would recommend him to anyone. He made the visit of the pyramids and the Museum unforgettable. He also had lots of ideas to further explore Cairo and surroundings. Our guide in Luxor (French speaking guide) was also nice but a bit less enthusiastic. Overall, we had a great time and learnt so many interesting facts about ancient Egypt and the country today. Many thanks again for helping us plan a successful and memorable holiday! L.

Cruise & Touring - Aswan - Egypt, April 2012

“We are delighted that we had engaged Max Travel Ltd to handle all our arrangements for a cruise on Lake Nasser in M/S Eugenie.   Every aspect of the holiday was covered in detail; the flights, hotel and boat reservations and all the transfers.  The documents were sent from Max Travel by e-mail with covering explanations and advice where necessary.   At all the relevant points we were met by local representatives who provided all the assistance that was necessary.   The description of the luxurious boat and the attendant itinerary were absolutely as described in the literature and schedules.
Throughout all the planning/ booking Edward Kelly was extraordinarily helpful and coped with difficulties admirably and with patience.   He was always available on the telephone seemingly at all times, day or evening.  This meant a lot to us because such accessibility is so important to clients and reflects very well on the way in which Max Travel Ltd functions as a very client-friendly company, a company that we can wholeheartedly recommend.”


Corporate Travel Reviews:

"Yes thank you, everything went perfectly in Berlin. All of the flights and transfers went perfectly and I wanted to say a very big thank you for all of your help in arranging these for me. The fact that you were able to meet all of the request we had coming through so quickly and efficiently made my job here a lot easier and a lot less stressful, so thank you!!!" Chamberlain Healthcare PR

“It is just such an advantage to us as a company to have someone to take away all the stress of planning a trip.  We have always found the service at Max Travel to be exemplary on every occasion and they are extremely pleasant, professional and efficient people to deal with.  I would not hesitate in recommending them for your personal or corporate travel requirements.” Mindseye Lighting Ltd

"We have worked with Max Travel since the company started in 1994. I appreciate the attention to detail, and the one to one care, I receive from them. Ours is a small company with limited administrative resources, so it is good to know that we can rely on the professional services offered by Max Travel when planning business and personal travel." The Chess Partnership

“Mountain Tracks have worked with Max Travel since 1995. When you’re arranging holidays and events for clients, you need to know that your partners are going to be working flat out to help you put together the best itineraries and source the best travel arrangements. Max Travel is one of these partners. We trust them implicitly to work 100% on our behalf and we’d recommend them to any business or individual looking for a totally reliable, ‘available-anytime, get-on-with-it’ travel partner.” Mountain Tracks Ltd

“It is just such an advantage to our organisation to have someone to take away all the stress of planning a trip. For many years we have found the service at Max Travel to be exemplary on every occasion and they are extremely pleasant, professional and efficient people to deal with. I would not hesitate in recommending them for your personal or corporate travel requirements.”

"I have used Max Travel since it started (10 years ago???) for my professional trips, family holidays and more recently to rent my property in the South of France. The team at Max Travel has always been extremely efficient at getting me sometime very complex plane journeys to remote places at the best possible prices. I have never been disappointed. I have recommended Max Travel to many colleagues and friends and all of those who have used their services have been extremely satisfied. The fact that the team is nice, helpful, efficient, well organized, small and provides a personalized service has been their main asset compared to much bigger Travel agents, which I have stopped using since I started using Max Travel services." Professor at University College London

“We have worked with Max Travel for the last eight years during which time their support has been invaluable.  Max Travel has created budget conscious and time effective travel itineraries for us when we have had the need to attend meetings on different continents on successive days.  Their attention to detail and foresight is impeccable and they are always able to offer personal recommendations for hotels, restaurants and meeting venues around the world.  On a more light hearted note Max Travel have also planned social events and trips for us.  As well as looking after our corporate business, Edward and his team are so trusted that individual members of our team have worked with them to create bespoke holidays.”Turner Duckworth

"Since joining Gerber two years ago, I have found the services of Max Travel invaluable. Their professionalism and knowledge of the travel industry and related services is excellent, and they are always willing to ‘go the second mile’ in ensuring that the best possible options are sourced for our needs. I cannot recommend them too highly and wish them continued success in the future." Secretary to the Directors Gerber Foods

"The Mountain Company has used Max Travel's travel services for several years now, and we have always found Edward and his team to be professional, efficient and helpful. We regular refer our clients to Max Travel to help book their flights and other travel arrangements. We highly recommend Max Travel to any individual and or business looking for a reliable travel partner." The Mountain Company

"Since starting my present job, almost 3 years ago, I have used Max Travel for all my boss’s travel needs.  This has included flights, and Euro star tickets as well as hotel bookings and rental cars. I have found the service offered to be outstanding.  I am in a job where arrangements can change just hours before a flight is due to be taken and the patience shown by Max Travel's team has meant that changes have been made with the minimum of fuss .I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Max Travel for any business traveler, or anyone who organises business travel." Gerber Emig

"I have been traveling for business throughout the world all the time for the past ten years. I have received courteous and competent service from Max Travel. It is a pleasure to do business with such fine people." International Attorney

"I have used them a few times on complicated multi leg trips. They were great! Very friendly and knowledgeable. They had very valuable insights and ideas. All their arrangements went well. I would highly recommend them." M.

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